In the late 90s I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to do when I grew up. Knowing that technology was just taking off, I enrolled in school and began taking classes in Web Development. This is where I learned to code HTML, CSS and some light JavaScript. By the time I graduated from that portion of my education I came to understand that I was really drawn to the visual components of creating a website.

This realization sent me headlong into my next adventure. I moved 500mi south to enroll in a design-centric school in San Diego, CA. There, I learned the fundamentals of design and design principals. I had officially gone down a rabbit hole from which I would never return. I learned that there was a lot more that went into a quality design than I originally thought.

During my last year in school the drive to enter the industry was fierce. I started applying to any entry-level design position I could find. More than once I would be told “oh wow you’re really ambitious”. Later, I realized that was a nice way of saying “you didn’t get the job but I like your passion...” After a few months, and a multitude of interviews, I finally landed a paid internship at a tiny deisgn firm. It was just the owner and myself working out of his home office. This guy would later become my first design boss as well as my mentor. Without him I don’t believe I would think of design as I do now.

Fast-forward 14 years later and I’m still as passionate about quality design as I was in the beginning. With the ongoing and speedy evolution of technology the design options continue to break boundaries. I’m excited to see where the industry goes from here.